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Defending Your Rights in Cyprus

Litigation services are tailored to individuals and businesses facing legal disputes. From contract disputes to personal injury claims and family matters, we offer strategic representation and compassionate guidance throughout the legal process.

Our litigation services provide individuals with a reliable solution when faced with legal disputes, offering experienced support to navigate the complexities of the legal system. Whether you're dealing with issues like contract disputes, personal injury claims, or family matters, our dedicated team is here to advocate for your rights in Cyprus and pursue favorable outcomes on your behalf.

We understand the stress and uncertainty that comes with litigation, which is why we offer compassionate guidance and strategic representation tailored to your unique situation. From initial consultation to courtroom representation in Cyprus, we're committed to standing by your side every step of the way, ensuring that you feel informed and supported throughout the process.

To enlist our litigation services or learn more about how we can assist you, please don't hesitate to contact us via phone or email to schedule a consultation. Let us help you navigate the legal challenges you're facing and work towards a positive resolution.


Civil litigation

Tsitsios & Associates LLC provides support and services to clients who feel they have been treated unlawfully, and works towards protecting their rights. Our clients range from big corporations to individuals. We treat each case with extreme attention and care and approach each situation based on its unique characteristics.


Can I arbitrate a dispute in Cyprus?

Yes, Cyprus has laws on international commercial arbitration and general arbitration, providing options for dispute resolution outside of court proceedings.

How can I discover whether a defendant I intend to sue has assets in Cyprus?

Certain companies can assist in asset discovery. Additionally, freezing injunction applications often include disclosure orders against defendants.

How quickly can an injunction be obtained in Cyprus, and what are the procedures involved?

An injunction in Cyprus can be obtained urgently, even on the same day, through ex-parte applications. Subsequently, it is set returnable for service to the other party, allowing them to contest or seek amendments.

What is the average duration of a civil case trial in Cyprus, and are there any expedited procedures available?

Civil case trials in Cyprus typically take 4-5 years at first instance, with expedited procedures available for clear cases, such as summary judgments, which may take less than 6 months.

What is the procedure for hearings in Cyprus, including examination of witnesses and legal arguments?

Hearings in Cyprus involve examination of witnesses by both parties' lawyers, followed by legal arguments, after which the court delivers its judgment.

How do I serve documents abroad from Cyprus, and what is the process for international service?

Service abroad is conducted under EU regulations or through bilateral agreements with non-EU countries, involving coordination between relevant authorities.

What happens if a defendant does not appear or defend themselves in court in Cyprus?

In such cases, a judgment in default of appearance or defense may be granted, provided proper service was made.

What are the consequences if a defendant fails to comply with a judgment in Cyprus?

Failure to comply with a judgment in Cyprus can result in contempt of court charges, potentially leading to imprisonment or fines.

Can I enforce a judgment from a Cypriot Court in any European country, and if so, how?

Yes, under the Brussels Regulation Recast, judgments from any European country are enforceable in Cyprus without additional procedures.

How can I enforce a judgment in Cyprus, both domestically and internationally?

Judgments obtained within the EU are recognised and enforced in Cyprus under EU regulations, while similar processes apply to judgments from third countries with relevant treaties.

Winning Your Legal Battles

Litigation in Cyprus Court

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