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Administration of estates - will, probate and succession law in Cyprus


Navigating the complexities of wills, probate, and administration of estates in Cyprus requires thorough understanding and careful consideration. Tsitsios & Associates LLC, a premier law firm with decades of expertise in Cypriot law, including succession law, offers invaluable guidance and legal services to ensure your will accurately represents your wishes and provides for a smooth transition of your estate to beneficiaries.

Brief Overview of What Wills Administration and Probate Entails

Wills administration and probate in Cyprus involve a series of legal processes designed to ensure the orderly distribution of a deceased person’s estate according to their last will and testament. The process encompasses validating the will, appointing executors or administrators, cataloguing assets and liabilities, preparing the final accounts, identifying the disposable portion of the estate, and ultimately distributing the estate to designated heirs. It's crucial to understand these procedures to effectively manage and distribute an estate's assets in compliance with Cyprus law.

Importance of Having a Will in Cyprus

A well-structured will is paramount in the Republic of Cyprus, ensuring that your assets are distributed according to your wishes. It helps circumvent the complexities of forced heirship rules under Cypriot succession law, providing peace of mind to both the testator and their beneficiaries. Creating a will also allows individuals to appoint trusted executors, minimize disputes among heirs, and efficiently manage the administration of estates.

Woman holding the judgement scale with closed eyes showing that law has no emotions which is associated with the administration of Wills in a fair manner

Requirements for a Valid Will in Cyprus

Legal Capacity

In Cyprus, anyone aged 18 or above and of sound mind can create a will. This legal capacity is crucial, guaranteeing that individuals understand the implications of the document they're creating.

Testamentary Capacity

To establish testamentary capacity, the testator must comprehend the extent of their estate and the implications of including or excluding certain individuals as beneficiaries.

Proper Execution

The law dictates that a will must be made in writing and signed by the testator in the presence of two witnesses, who also sign the document, affirming its authenticity and the testator's intention.

Appointment of Executors and Administrators

Who Can Be Appointed as an Executor for the Administration of Estates

Tsitsios & Associates LLC recommends appointing a trusted family member or your lawyer, someone with the necessary legal knowledge and experience to navigate the complexities of estate administration in Cyprus.

Duties and Responsibilities of Executors and Administrators

Their primary role includes managing the estate, settling debts, and distributing assets to heirs in accordance with the will's provisions. Additionally, executors must operate under the supervision of the court, ensuring all actions are in the estate's best interest.

Process of Appointing Executors and Administrators

The appointment is typically managed through a will or else through the relevant district court in the absence of a will. The chosen executor or administrator must consent to the appointment, a step facilitated by the legal expertise of firms like Tsitsios & Associates LLC.

Administration of Estates and Succession Law in Cyprus

Inventory of Assets and Liabilities

Creating an exhaustive list of the deceased's assets and liabilities is the first step in administering an estate. This inventory guides executors through the process of settling debts and distributing assets.

Payment of Debts and Taxes

Before asset distribution, executors are obliged to settle any outstanding debts and taxes of the estate, ensuring all financial obligations are met.

Distribution of Assets to Beneficiaries

Following the settlement of debts and taxes, the remaining assets are distributed to beneficiaries according to the provisions of the will or, in its absence, according to Cyprus’ succession law.

Disputes and Challenges in Cyprus Wills Administration

Grounds for Challenging a Will or Probate in Cyprus

Challenges may arise due to concerns over the testator's testamentary capacity, the will's execution, or potential undue influence. Legal firms like Tsitsios & Associates LLC are pivotal in resolving such disputes.

Process for Resolving Disputes

Resolution often involves court proceedings, where the validity of the will is examined, and disputes are settled based on Cyprus law.

Role of the Cyprus Court in Wills Administration

Cyprus courts play a crucial role, from probate order issuance to dispute adjudication, ensuring the legal framework is upheld throughout the administration process.

Benefits of Professional Assistance in Wills Administration

Importance of Consulting a Legal Professional

Given the procedural and legal complexities, engaging a professional from Tsitsios & Associates LLC ensures that the administration process is in strict adherence to Cypriot laws and regulations.

Services Offered by Wills Administration Experts

Tsitsios & Associates LLC provides comprehensive services, including estate planning, drafting wills, probate administration, and dispute resolution, offering tailored solutions to complex real estate issues.

Cost Implications of Professional Assistance

While professional assistance incurs costs, the benefits of legal expertise outweigh the financial aspect, particularly in steering clear of potential disputes and ensuring legal compliance.



This article has explored the intricacies of wills, probate, and administration of estates in Cyprus, highlighting the importance of having a will, the process of administering an estate, and the benefits of professional legal assistance.

Importance of Proper Wills Administration in Cyprus

Proper administration ensures that your wishes are respected and provides clarity and security for your heirs, underscoring the need for a comprehensive will.

Update your Will

Tsitsios & Associates LLC encourages everyone to consider creating or updating their wills to safeguard their assets and ensure their wishes are honoured, demonstrating the firm’s commitment to providing high-quality legal services in Cyprus.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is probate?

Probate is the legal process of proving and registering the last will and testament of a deceased person. In Cyprus, probate is a crucial step in the administration of estates.

Who can be the executor of a will in Cyprus?

The executor of a will in Cyprus is the person appointed by the deceased to carry out the terms of the will. It is advisable to seek legal assistance from a law firm specializing in probate to fulfil this role.

What is the role of a beneficiary in probate?

A beneficiary is an individual or entity named in a will to receive assets from the deceased person's estate. They have a legal right to inherit according to the succession law in Cyprus.

How is property handled in probate in Cyprus?

Property in Cyprus that forms part of the deceased's estate goes through the probate process. This involves the grant of probate by the court to facilitate the transfer of assets to the rightful beneficiaries. The process falls under the wills and succession law in Cyprus and establishes how the estate will be distributed.

What is the importance of domicile in probate?

Domicile is the permanent legal residence of an individual, which determines the applicable laws for probate in Cyprus. Understanding if the deceased was domiciled in Cyprus is essential for proper administration.

What happens if a person dies without a will in Cyprus?

When a person dies without a will in Cyprus, their estate is distributed according to the intestacy laws. The administrator appointed by the court will handle the letters of administration procedure to distribute assets of the estate.

What is the inheritance Cyprus tax?

The inheritance tax in Cyprus was governed by strict laws, but recent changes have allowed for more flexibility, providing individuals the freedom to allocate their estate as they see fit. Nonetheless, expert legal advice is instrumental in navigating inheritance matters smoothly.

How are immovable properties handled in inheritance in Cyprus?

Immovable property in Cyprus is subject to specific rules under the succession law. It is essential to involve legal professionals to ensure the proper transfer of ownership rights to the legal heirs.

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